Cocktail Competition

cocktail competition

Craft cocktails have taken the country by storm!

Gone are the days of a boring cocktail made with cheap liquor.  Craft cocktails have become a big trend in this country and Denver is a major player in the scene.  Many of the most popular spots in town feature unique cocktails based on house-made infusions and interesting ingredients.  Toques and ‘Tails gives bartenders the chance to shine in their own cocktail competition.


Cocktails have become their own culinary art form.

Cocktails are no longer just a drink, they’re a culinary experience.  Bartenders are using a wide variety of specialty liquors and ingredients such as fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to create cocktails unlike anything we’ve experienced before. In the cocktail competition at Toques and ‘Tails, bartenders create their own unique beverage for the judges to determine the Best Cocktail.  There is also a category for Best Pairing because, after all, this is a culinary competition and nothing goes better with food that a delicious, hand-crafted cocktail.