Jon Emanuel

Jon Emanuel Executive Chef Project Angel Heart

Jon Emanuel
Executive Chef
Project Angel Heart

Jon has been has been a professional chef for nearly 20 years. His career has taken him to some amazing places, including long-term Executive Chef positions both in the wilds of bush Alaska and at South Pole Station, Antarctica.

Jon trained at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  He has appeared in “Food and Wine,”  “Saveur” and the New York Times.  Both locally and nationally Jon has done several spots for television and radio and has written many food related articles.   Additionally, Jon is the founder and organizer of the Denver Adventurous Eaters Club, a group dedicated to the eating, cooking and promoting of bizarre and unusual cuisine.  He also holds a butchery certification from the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat and memberships in the American Culinary Federation, Colorado Chefs Association and the Butcher’s Guild.

Jon lives in northwest Denver with his wife, Penny, and their two French bulldogs, Cosmo and Olive.

You can catch Chef Jon’s blog, Don’t Tell Chef, at